About Kibwezi West Constituency

Kibwezi West Constituency (087) is located in Makueni County and covers an area of 1850.7km2 with a population of 175,875. The constituency has been subdivided into six wards namely; Makindu, Kikumbulyu North, Kikumbulyu South, Nguumo, Emali/ Mulala and Nguu/Masumba. There are three districts in Kibwezi West Constituency namely Nzaui, Makindu and Kibwezi.Nzaui District comprises of Emali, Mulala, Kikumini, Ithumba, Mweini, Nguu, Wolwa and Ngetha locations. Makindu District comprises of Twaandu, Kiboko, Makindu and Nguumo Locations while Kibwezi District comprises of Kikumbulyu location.

Major railway stations in the constituency are Makindu, Kibwezi and Emali. The constituency also has one airstrip situated in Makindu which is operational. The main roads within the constituency are Wote-Makindu road and Mombasa road.


Kibwezi West constituency is represented at The National Assembly by Hon. Dr. Patrick Mweu Musimba and at the County Assembly(Makueni) by the following six Members of count assembly:-
• Cosmos Mutunga- Emali/Mulala Ward
• Timothy Maneno- Nguu/Masumba Ward
• Bernard Musau- Makindu/Kiboko Ward
• John Mwenze- Nguumo Ward
• Bensley Mutuku- Kikumbulyu North
• Bernard Kiswii- Kikumbulyu South