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The Uwezo Fund stems from the pledge by His Excellency the President to support youth, women and persons with disabilities. Following this, the National Treasury allocated Kshs. 6 billion to go towards this Fund in the budget covering the Financial Year 2013/14.

The Fund was launched by His Excellency the President of Kenya on 8th September 2013 and the Public Financial (Uwezo Fund) Regulations, 2013 was subsequently approved by Parliament in Tuesday, 18th February 2014.


The objectives of the Uwezo Fund are:

a) To expand access to credit to promote youth and women business and enterprises at the constituency level and thereby enhance economic growth towards the realization of the goals of Vision 2030;

b) To generate gainful self-employment for the youth and women;

c) To model an alternative framework in funding community driven development.


a) Membership

According the Regulation 15 (2), the Constituency UWEZO Fund Management Committee will be comprised of the following members;

(a) the sub-county Commissioner or his representative;

(b) the sub-county development officer or his representative;

(c) a sub-county accountant responsible for national government operations within that constituency;

(d) the sub-county representative of the national government Ministry responsible for youth and women affairs, who shall be an ex-officio member and the secretary to the committee;

(e) a representative from each ward in the Constituency nominated by the Constituency Member of Parliament;

(f) two representatives from the Constituency, one whom shall be a male youth, nominated by the County Women Representative; and

(g) one person with disability per Constituency, who shall be appointed by the County Women Representative.

b) Roles and Responsibilities of CUFMCs

In all the constituencies, there will be established a Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee (CUFMC) whose roles and responsibilities will be: –

i. Identify the groups within the Constituency using guidelines provided;
ii. Receive applications from the groups;
iii. Evaluate applications based on the guidelines for evaluation of applications;
iv. Receive project proposals from institutions and consider the same for funding;
v. Make a decision on the groups that will receive funds;
vi. Recommend disbursement of funds to qualified target groups and religious institutions;
vii. Undertake monitoring of the activities including making official impromptu visits to the beneficiary groups and religious institutions;
viii. Manage and oversee the implementation of the fund at their constituencies;
ix. Compile, update and forward progress reports to Board on a quarterly basis.


All CDF Fund managers are directed to perform the following tasks;

1. Immediately, set up the constituency Uwezo Fund secretariat to be composed on the sub-county development officers and one field officer from the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.
2. Receive nomination sheets from your respective Constituency Members of Parliament and County Women Representatives for members to the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee as per the above criteria. A Circular was sent to Constituency Members of Parliament and County Women Representatives to drop the completed nomination sheets in their respective Constituency Development Fund offices by close of business on Wednesday, 26th February 2014.
3. Compile the names of the nominees in the same manner as for CDF committee and forward the same to the Chief Executive Officer, CDF by Friday, 28th February 2014 who will submit the same to the Principal Secretary for the purpose to gazettement.
4. Convene the first meeting of the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee by Monday, 10th March 2014 to facilitate the election of the Chairperson.
5. Place a notice in all CDF offices that Uwezo Fund application forms are available by Monday, 24th February 2014.
6. Distribute Uwezo Fund application forms to interested applicants in your Constituency.
7. Provide for a sealed box for Uwezo Fund applicants clearly marked “Application for Uwezo Fund” by Monday, 24th February 2014 the box will be opened once the committee is consulted.

Kibwezi West – Nominees to the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee (CUFMC) 



Uwezo Fund Final uwezo application form:

Download the PDF file Uwezo Fund Final uwezo application form.